Why Indiz Milkofat?
    Auto-start timer
   In-built battery back-up*
    Dual display; opposite sides
    Digital Calibration with front key board
    Special kit-bag;makes storage safe and        carrying convenient*
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Post Sales Support
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In recent years in india the National
Dairy Development Board-initiated cooperative movement has led to a substantial increase in milk production in India . The two main reasons for this increase are the efficient collection of milk and higher profit for the producers, both of which have to some degree been influenced by information technology. The appropriate information technology described in this paper helped to make information symmetric in the market, thereby minimizing problems of adverse selection and corruption.

The farmer-owned Amul Co-operative in Anand, Gujarat, has become a model for all dairy development projects in India . This model showed that an integrated approach along cooperative lines could enhance production, procurement, processing and marketing of milk. Based on this success story of the 1960s, the Government of India launched Operation Flood nationwide in 1970. This project was modeled on the Anand Pattern Co-operative and established organizations similar to Amul in other states of India . The purpose was to provide a regularized and standardized link between the rural milk supply centers and the urban demand centers.

The core of the project is the village milk cooperative. According to the Anand Pattern, a village cooperative society of primary producers is formed under the guidance of a supervisor or milk supply officer of the Co-operative Dairy Union (district level cooperative owning the processing plant). A milk producer becomes a member by paying a nominal entrance fee. He must then agree to sell milk only to the society. The members elect a managing committee headed by a chairman. This committee is responsible for the recruitment of we have given a brief idea about milk co operatives , we would like to explain how the fat machines are used in co operatives in india the milk collecting system..
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