Technical Specification :  
Operating Voltage 230 VAC+ 10%, -15%. 50Hz ± 5% or 12 V DC  
  Power Consumption 200 Watts Max.  
  Capacity 180-200 Samples Per Hour  
  Measuring Range 0-13% Fat  
  Accuracy 0.06% for 0-5%fat, 0.10% for 5-8% fat, 0.20% for 8-13% fat  
  Data Interface BCD and RS 232  
  Repeatability 0.03% for 0-5%fat, 0.04% for 5-8%fat, 0.07%for 8-13%fat  
  Sample Volume 0.5ml / test  
  Diluant Volume

6.5ml / test

  Display Type & Size 7 Seg Led, 1/2 size  
  No. of Display Dual Display  
  Battery Back Up

Approximate 2 hour with inbuilt battery.
(More back up is possible with external battery)

  Operating Temperature 5° C to 45° C  
  Enclousere Powder Coated aluminum base, Moulded FRP top cover  
  Dimension 245mm(H) x 590mm(L) x 320mm(W)  
  Weight 19 Kg.  

Special Features :


Easy to set-up, operate & to clean


Proven measurement principle


Auto-zero facility


Big, bright LED display


Ral-time clock


Auto-start timer


In-built battery back-up*


Dual display: opposite sides


Single curve cailbration


Inbuilt battery charger


Compatible with most coumputers


Digital Calibration with front key board


Automatic mains-battery (AC-DC) changeover


Special it-bag: makes storage sage and carrying convenient*

  Handles wide range of voltage (fluctuations also?)
  Front-end controls for digital calibration
  Maintenance - easy and minimum
  In-house manufacture
  Prompt service; both
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